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What’s Wrong With Today’s Society Captured In Though-Provoking Illustrations By Al Margen

We all know that nothing is perfect. Our modern society included. There are many things that are problematic and troubling, and even though we notice them, we are not too fast to work on fixing matters.

Al Margen, an illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina, creates incredible drawings pinpointing the flaws of our times. He creates images that are sometimes louder than words and are extremely thought-provoking. The author himself is very critical about his works and talks about them in a really artistic manner:

“They are children of boredom, nonconformity or anger. < ...> They are the representation of discarded ideas. They are the garbage of the subconscious. But they are more visceral and sincere than other drawings because they have no obligation to please. < ...> Because they were born only by an impulse and nothing more. Because they were born to annoy because they show the imperfect.”

More info: Facebook (h/t: boredpanda)

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