“Life is Peachy”: The Superb Brightful Girly Characters by Igor Lomov – Design You Trust

“Life is Peachy”: The Superb Brightful Girly Characters by Igor Lomov

According to an artist: “Hi, I am Igor and my nickname is Blik_47. I am a certified art teacher, used to work as a graphic designer for many years but my true calling is to create digital art. I post things on social media (always as Blik_47) in both Russian (my native language) and English.

I create original artwork and I never pass other people’s work off as my own. However, I occasionally engage in social media promotion events and repost the work of my followers (with full credit).

I am just about to finish the development of my own cyberpunk board game. It is in a sleek transportable box. The card design, game mechanics, packaging and instructions are all developed only by me. This game has cards and tokens. It can be played by 2-4 players at once. There are two main game modes – “deadly match” and “survival” (cooperative mode against the boss). Both Russian and English versions of the game will available.”

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