Photographer Emily Lauren Wants To Change The Way We See Female Beauty

It is time to redefine what it means to be beautiful and embrace what makes us all unique. Over 80 girls talk about the critical issues that affect body image in this new book by Emily Lauren Dick. This inspirational self-help guide is full of interesting facts and information, work sheets and photographs of real girls. A must have for any girl who feels their body does not fit into society’s standards.

More info: Love Average, Kickstarter, Emily Lauren Dick, Facebook

‘Average Girl: A Guide’ to Loving Your Body is more than a photography book. It’s a guide, a voice, and a creative tool that teaches confidence and self-acceptance. Each photograph features a girl that has been brave enough to help inspire others to embrace their own bodies. Scars, stretch marks, skin rolls, blemishes, bruises and all are bared to see. Every image has been left untouched to display what a realistic female body looks like.

“Instead of focusing on what women need to do to “improve” their bodies, I want to prove that we are beautiful the way we are,” she said.

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