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This Is How Real Psychos Get Unleashed – Moscow’s “Rage Rooms” By The Hour

Do you ever feel stressed and just want to break the furniture or smash up a computer? The Russians have the solution! In Moscow, located in a flea market, Debosh offers a unique way for people to relieve stress and to take out their aggression harmlessly, violently and legally. This concept, known as “rage rooms” is a personalised experience in which Debosh can design the room to represent your office, flat or even a state institution, and can be filled with furniture to match your requests. You can even request a car to be placed in a room for you to destroy…

More info: Debosh, Facebook (h/t: messynessychic)

Destroyery is a kind of entertainment where people can do things they are restricted to do in everyday life, or may be such things are just hard to do or they may have really bad consequences. With us you are free act in a fun and safe way (although some moralists often condemn us). For example, at Destroyery you can smash a TV with a sledgehammer, take off safety googles, dustdown and go home pleased and relieved. However, Destroyery is not just about crushing things with a hammer. You can come on your own or with your friends and experience a new feeling of freedom and permissiveness like when you were a kid, causing mischief and your mom went off on you for broken thingsat home or your dad smacked your ass for smashing a window

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