Professor And Microminiaturist Anatoly Konenko Creates A Tiny Protective Mask For Grasshopper

Yevgeny Sofiychuk/TASS

Mini-masks about the size of a rice grain are made of a special high-density medical fabric with a built-in air filter.

Anatoly Konenko since 1981 first in Siberia began to pursue art of microminiature. Within a short period of invented and mastered the technology of writing on rice, poppy seed, then a human hair. A new direction in art demanded a radically new approach in creating new works, design and delivery microcompositions. Anatoly Konenko many of their works shall submit a scale compared to insects, seeds or hairs, that allows a winner to show the uniqueness of the work performed. Violin in grasshopper legs creates a well-known poetic image, horseshoes on paws flea allow the imagination to revive the scene leskovskogo Lefty, a caravan of camels in the eye of the needle reveals biblical line at the impossible.

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Yevgeny Sofiychuk/TASS

Anatoly Konenko technology developed and implemented a number of papers in micropaint, drawing, sculpture, carved bone and stone fruit trees, prototyping, jewelry, woodturning direction, embroidery, knitting, tatting, patchwork, miniknigah. Microcompositions by A. Konenko are in the collections of Russian, Korean, Belarusian, Czech, Slovak presidents.

The cost of such well-known miniatures as savvy flea, camel caravan, a grasshopper with a violin is around 50,000 euros.

Yevgeny Sofiychuk/TASS

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