The International Church Of Cannabis Has Arrived In Denver

For more than a century, it blended in, until bright colors bled from the walls and windows of a 113-year-old church in Denver. Now, the building near Wash Park is home to the Church of Cannabis, according to 9News. On 4/20, the International Church of Cannabis will open its doors at 400 S. Logan Street. Elevation Ministries, a Colorado non-profit religious organization, now calls the church home.

More info: Indiegogo h/t: 9News

Their church will not sell marijuana or accessories, but it will give people a space to come together and use cannabis. Leaders will also bring in guest speakers, artists, comedians and musicians, and show documentary films.

The mural on the outside of the church was painted by artist Kenny Scharf. Inside the church, Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel painted bright-colored designs onto the ceiling of the chapel.

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