Traveler Leaves Hilarious Graffiti Hidden For Hotel Guests In Rooms He Has Stayed In Over The Last 11 Years – Design You Trust

Traveler Leaves Hilarious Graffiti Hidden For Hotel Guests In Rooms He Has Stayed In Over The Last 11 Years

Tucked behind picture frames, inside bedside bibles and on top of toilet cisterns – one traveller is letting hoteliers know exactly what he thinks of their establishments. Self professed ‘comedian and hotel graffiti artist’ David Bussell has spent 11 years leaving his mark on rooms on his travels across the country and world.

More info: Tumblr (h/t: dailymail)

His work also crops up in locations including London, Northern Ireland, Oxford, Edinburgh, Canterbury, Brighton, Manchester, Cuba, Berlin, and ‘all over British Columbia and the United States’. Notes include ‘Please No Baptising’ above a sink, ‘Mirror Broken, Please See Estimated Face’ and ‘This Hotel Wasn’t Half Bad, It Was All The Way Bad’.

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