Giant Sculpture Of A Woman Opening Her Chest To Reveal A Fern-Covered Tunnel Appears In Florida

2020 has been really difficult. If there’s one thing we need more than anything else this year, it’s hope. And it’s exactly what multidisciplinary artist Daniel Popper has offered with his latest work.

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Known for his seamless fusion of sculpture and stage design at music festivals, Popper erected a permanent public installation at Society Las Olas, a residential building in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The sculptural installation, called Thrive, features a 30-foot fractured woman who is ripping open her chest.

The beautiful piece is made of glass-fiber reinforced concrete and weighs a whopping 14 tons. It also has a fern-covered tunnel: the giant’s exposed chest is a tunnel, inviting people to walk through the green interior, full of peace and comfort.

This isn’t the first of Popper’s large-scale projects; he has spent years making huge and enthralling public installations:

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