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This Woman Made A Coronavirus-Shaped Piñata For Her Friends’ 30th Birthday So They Could Get Revenge

According to Evelyne Dufresne: “Two of my best friends are celebrating their 30th birthday 2 weeks apart. The condition they gave us to celebrate them in a single birthday party was that it was supposed to be twice as epic. Trust me, it was supposed to be. But, as you know, due to the COVID-19 everything had to be canceled.

My two friends mean the world to me and I could not let their birthday go to trash because of a pandemic. I believe that if they could not get the party they deserved, they should at least be able to get revenge on what caused its a cancellation.

So I made Coronavirus-shaped piñata so they could hit it as hard as they could. And boy, it was so. Much. Fun.”

More: Instagram h/t: boredpanda

Hit it

Step 1: Find a huge balloon

Before making papier-mâché, you have to define the structure. I used an enormous balloon to get the shape of my piñata.

Step 2: Become a papier-mâché master

Papier-mâché is the easiest thing to do. All you need to make the glue is water and flour, it can easily be done at home. The more you add layers, the sturdier it will be. I added duct tape between layers to strengthen the structure.

Step 3: Be patient

Making the red balls was a pain in the @*&%!. Not that it was difficult, it just takes forever, but it was worth it. I used styrofoam balls, wood sticks, and hot glue. It was also the time to stuff it with whatever you want. I am going to keep what I hid in it a secret.

Step 4: Do your mad scientist and create the virus

And this is where the magic happens.

Step 5: Enjoy your art while it last

Step 6: Destroy

Although it took so much time to make and is so quickly destroyed, every single step was worth it. It is fun to make and seeing the smile of my best friends was priceless.

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