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Meet Light Ragaz, A Spectacular 3D Projection Onto Natural Environment

The multimedia event Light Ragaz uses cutting-edge technology to project 3D effects onto the structures and formations of the rocks of the Tamina Gorge with millimeter precision.

The raw rocks reach up to 80 meters. The nightly transformation of the gorge of almost 1000 meters in length into a visually stunning sea of light has Light Ragaz tell a fantastic story. The amazing journey takes the spectators into the mystical world of spring water and the power of the elements. An adventure that makes you lose track of time and space and leaves you in a world between illusion and reality.

On July 18th 2017, reality and illusion collide for the first time and breathe new life into the rocks of the Tamina Gorge every evening until the end of September, 2017. Light Ragaz opens its doors to another dimension at 6pm every evening and entices the visitor with its enchanting beauty of the Swiss nature in a singular symbiosis with cutting-edge technology made in Switzerland.

More info: Light Ragaz

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