Photographer Turns Her Garden Into a Tiny Cafe; Shoots the Cutest Photos of Animal Visitors

It’s not an ordinary café as no human can get inside, sit down and order a drink. It was made by photographer Kristen Flagg in her own backyard, and its visitors are chipmunks, squirrels, and birds. Kristen doesn’t only serve them fruit, seeds, and nuts, but she also takes photos of her cute little customers.

Kristen’s tiny café is located in Norwich, Connecticut. She named it Rosie’s Café because of Norwich’s nickname: Rose City. She came up with an idea during the lockdown. The quarantine life made her feel pretty lonely and depressed. She would go outside to look for some happiness, but she couldn’t go far: you know, the lockdown and all. But she desperately needed something to cheer her up. So, she and her husband created Rosie’s Café. He built six mini picnic tables, and she added a bunch of other little details. And the new place in town was ready for customers!

More: Kristen Flagg, Facebook h/t: diyphotography

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