Sanctuary Asia: A Shocking Campaign Against The Misdeeds Of Deforestation

A shock and very visual campaign against deforestation and its misdeeds, starting with the disastrous consequences on animals, created by Ganesh Prasad Acharya for the wildlife defense foundation Sanctuary Asia.

“Founded in 1981 by Bittu Sahgal, at the behest of legendary conservationist Fateh Singh Rathore, Sanctuary Asia is India’s leading nature and conservation portal. Sanctuary aims to communicate to readers the rationale for wildlife conservation and environment protection with a focus on the Indian subcontinent. In the years since its inception, it has come to be at the fulcrum of innumerable wildlife conservation campaigns, and serves as a forum for wildlife groups, concerned individuals and non-profit organisations in the country. It is today India’s leading wildlife, conservation and environment magazine.”

More info: Sanctuary Asia, Instagram, Facebook (h/t: ufunk)

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