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“Make Your Pet’s Chew Toy Great Again”: Trump Dog Chew Toy Is Getting Popular

When it comes to making fun of Trump, people get really creative. We’ve previously featured Donald Trump Piñatas, but now people are feeding the president to their dogs…

Donald is stylin’ with his golden tan, quaffed plush hair, and flashy garb. His well-heeled foot will inevitably end up in your dog’s mouth. This squeaker toy also features a bottom gusset and top-stitching at the elbows and knees for easy sitting and strategic posing (a photo-opportunity begging to happen).

Donald’s flying hair is the highlight of this toy. This toy features a “NY Loves Me” tie and a brooch titled “Great Wall Building for Idiots” along with dollar signed socks and USA flag brooch. His back reads “Push To Inflate Head.”

More: Amazon h/t: sadanduseless

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