Ukiyo-e Inspired Illustrations Capture The Relatable Moments Of Modern Everyday Life

Japanese artist Yamada Zenjidou brings us whimsical illustrations of modern life in the style of old Japanese woodblock prints. These images would look totally normal framed and hanging as vintage art, but look closer and you’ll find you can totally relate to what’s going on.

You need an intermediate level of Japanese language to fully comprehend some of these but they’re simple enough that they could also be great for practicing your Japanese.

More info: Instagram, Twitter (h/t: spoon&tamago, neatorama)

That disappointment when you spot a fancy cafe but it turns out to be a beauty salon.

That feeling when you want the free sample but pretend you totally don’t want it.

When “now with 10% more” doesn’t make you feel any happier.

When you’re looking at your reflection in the glass and realize there’s someone on the other side.

When the guy who was least interested in the party is clearly trying the hardest.

Eating instant noodles outside makes it taste oddly better.

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