Artist Jacqueline Mak Takes On Consumerism, Body Politics, Humor, And Eroticism In Raunchy NSWF Collages

A collage artist’s browser history reveals a lot about the subjects that obsess them. For Jacqueline Mak, whose collages engage themes such as consumerism, objectification, and body politics, this translates to an NSFW treasure trove.

“I have a very sleazy retro archive,” she admits to Creators, “and when I’m not looking at porn or pin-up illustrations, thrift stores, Value Village, and Kijiji are my friends.”

Mak’s hyperactive imagination has gravitated towards this type of creative expression from a very young age.

“I drew nipples on Berenstain Bears when I was five,” she says. “In high school, the vice principal had to ask my art teacher to get rid of stenciled neon cocks I printed on the walls.” Mak says that the world of NSFW is “an area I feel most comfortable with because it’s cheeky, visceral, raw, unforgiving and it is what it is.”

More info: Jacqueline Mak, Instagram (h/t: creators)

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