Artist Lucy Litman Impressively Matches Tons Of Tasty Treats With Pantone Colors

Lucia Litman likes to play with her food – but in the best, most creative way possible.

After getting her start in social media by working with various food companies, Lucia was one day inspired to start her #pantoneposts project: a series that matches delicious foods with their respective Pantone colors.

“I started my #pantoneposts project almost a year ago – initially, it started as a way to clear my mind. I had a frustrating day at work and, at the time, wasn’t feeling very creative, so I came home and arranged a box of fruit loops I had sitting around by color,” Lucia tells Hello Giggles. “I woke up the next morning, and it was pretty neat to see a rainbow of cereal on my table, and so I put corresponding Pantone cards I had sitting around (from a previous work photoshoot that weren’t used) and matched the cereal.”

She adds, “I started off actually Pantone-ing cereal, but eventually when I moved to California and was surrounded by all of this amazing produce, I moved on to other foods.”

More info: Instagram (h/t: hellogiggles)

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