Apollo 70: Airstream Bar On Wheels For Awesome Cocktail Parties


Calling it a beautiful American airstream land yacht, the creators of Apollo 70 created an amazing mobile lounge catering service that is both luxurious and environmentally friendly. They re-designed an old vehicle following the motto that things do not always need to be made from scratch when old things can be improved. That is how the idea for this cool airstream bar was generated.

h/t: wherecoolthingshappen


In the 5-Star bar, you can get the usual celebratory drinks such as champagne or cocktails and classics like famous beer brands. Not only you can have you thirst quenched but this bar also takes care of your taste buds. Along with the immaculate service of professional staff, you can ask for the finest Belgian chocolates and luxurious street-style American food.


The enjoyment is also visual: Apollo 70 comes with a super-cool surround sound system and satellite TV, as well as with a multi-change lighting and fiber optic star ceiling to present corporate branding when required.


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