Here Are 40 Really Bad Cat Drawings To Make You Laugh

According to an artist: “My name is Ainars and I’m the creator of @dailypurrr on Instagram.

More than three years ago, I figured out that I wanted to make silly cat doodles and do them every day. That’s how dailypurrr started. But before that, I had dozens of failed attempts to create something that would bring some fun to people around the internet.

This time, I decided that I would be silent until I’d made my first 50 cat drawings. When that happened, my friends and family got to know that I was secretly making low-quality cat doodles.

One month later, I was going to sleep and had about 500 followers on my Instagram page and was hoping that in three upcoming months, until the New Year, I would have my first 1000 followers. But… Life is full of surprises.

When I woke up, there were 1100 followers. I refreshed the page—1200, refreshed it once again—1300… I was shocked and decided to ask where all these people got to know about my page. It turned out that 9GAG made a post about my drawings.

That was a life-changing moment and my page got its first 10 or 20 thousand followers, which led to huge interest in my page.”

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