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Photographer Luc Kordas Captures The Iconic Coney Island During The Most Vibrant Time

According to the photographer Luc Kordas: “Coney Island is an iconic spot in New York City photographed by countless famous photographers through the years. The neighborhood is located in the southern tip of Brooklyn, its biggest magnet is the ocean, the beach, and the boardwalk. If you live in New York City but crave that beach life in the summer, that’s your best bet. Apart from the beach and the sea, the area offers a big amusement park including a couple of roller-coasters. The reason it’s so interesting to photographers is that it attracts New Yorkers of all ages and ethnicities making for a stunning mix of people in their beach outfits.

In the past, the place wasn’t exactly a safe neighborhood and it still isn’t till this day. Offseason Coney Island – just like any other beach resort – looks desolate and kind of sad, but come summer this place fires up hot weather, tourists, loud and bright amusement park, a big renovated Aquarium and -especially at weekends – many accompanying events.

I moved to Coney Island two and a half years ago specifically to photograph it and so I’ve been taking pictures of the area for the last 30 months at day, night, snow, rain or shine, from summer through winter. I photographed all of it. This is how Coney Island looks and feels in the summer – the most vibrant and arguably the most interesting time.”

More: Luc Kordas, Instagram h/t: boredpanda

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