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A Flash Drive Made To Look Like You’re Storing Data On A Fish’s Brain

These are the 32GB flash drives that were designed to look like the storage actually takes place in the brain of a small silver-striped round herring fish encased in resin. Of course it doesn’t, it’s just a tiny 32GB flash drive with a resin stick attached and some wires and capacitors inside to complete the illusion.

Still, don’t let that stop you from buying one and telling a coworker it really does operate on a dead fish’s brain. Then when they ask you how you tell them it’s obviously nanoscale cellular computational storage and they should look it up if they don’t believe you. Then when they return to their own cubicle to actually look it up, that’s when you club them in the back of the head before they can discover your dark secret.

Anyways, it appears that @ni28_xp has a knack for creating intriguing USB flash drive and this particular fish USB flash drive will be exhibited and sold at an event called HandMade in Japan Fes ‘Winter’ 2019 on January 12, 2019. And it is not cheap, btw. @ni28_xp has priced this 32 GB USB 3.0 item at 7,800 Yen a pop, or about 72 American dollars based on the current going rate. If you are keen on @ni28_xp’s other works for sale, you can hit up his store.

Kepe going for a couple more shots and a video of the flash’s light effect when in use.

More: Twitter, Shop h/t: geekologie

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