Alberobello: The Italian Fairytale-Like Village In Beautiful Pictures By Tania Depascalis And Tiago Marques

Alberobello is a town in Italy’s Apulia region. It’s known for its trulli, whitewashed stone huts with conical roofs. The hilltop Rione Monti district has hundreds of them. The 18th-century Trullo Sovrano is a 2-level trulli. Furniture and tools at the Museo del Territorio Casa Pezzolla re-create life in the trulli as it was centuries ago. Southwest of town is the Casa Rossa, a WWII internment camp.

The history of these very particular buildings is linked to the Prammatica De Baronibus, an edict of the 15th-century Kingdom of Naples that subjected every new urban settlement to a tribute. The Counts of Conversano D’Acquaviva D’Aragona from 1481, owners of the territory on which Alberobello stands today with the summer “domus” that was called Difesa De Le Noci on the border with the territory of the duchy of Martina Franca, then imposed on the peasants sent in these lands they built their dwellings dry, without using mortar, so that they could be configured as precarious buildings, easily demolished.

Therefore, having to use only stones, the peasants found in the round form with self-supporting domed roof, composed of overlapping stone circles, the simplest and most solid configuration. The domed roofs or half cone for straw called the false dome of the trulli are embellished with decorative pinnacles that represented as many say the pinnacle was the signature of the master trullaro who did it or that restored and represented the pose of the pinnacle an exciting moment, the whose form is inspired by profane symbolic, mystical and religious elements that appear above all in the Fascist period.

«To gather and show the soul of Alberobello, in Puglia, Italy, we spent four days living and photographing this fairytale village, from the most extreme reds of the sunrise to the vivid colors of the night», says Tania Depascalis.

These two Italian photographers decided to go on a trip in this unique village and take singular and inspiringly beautiful pictures.

«Before starting a journey, we make researches to find the places we would love to photographed. The second step is to visit the town, through Google street view or similars, to confirm the spots and find new ones. At this point we can plan the time to spend in our photographic journey. For this series, we spent the first 24 hours discovering and inspecting the village and the next three days taking pictures from our selected spots. Working together makes us share our creativity and learn from each other. This allow us to enrich quickly our point of view. We are also both curious persons. This common feature pushes us in a constant research of beauty and its origins that can often be found behind unusual, curious and rare aspects. The match between our concept of beauty and its photographic representation inspire our work and whip up our creativity.»

More: Tania Depascalis, Tiago Marques h/t: fubiz

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