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People Are Posting ‘Illegal’ Lego Building Techniques And They Are Actually Genius

When we are young we use games to push boundaries, however, there are some adults who are just as good at breaking all the rules. Adult fans of lego or AFOL, are people who haven’t let their enthusiasm for the building game die. While these enthusiasts respect the activity, some have gone off-map to create – “illegal lego building techniques,” and they are awesome.

According to The Brothers Brick, a LEGO website for adult builders and fans of LEGO, these techniques are: “LEGO building techniques that break the “rules” for connections between LEGO elements followed by official LEGO set designers — particularly connections that stress the LEGO elements. (e.g. inserting a plate upright between the studs on a brick.)”

Scroll down below to check out some of these outlaw moves people have shared online.

h/t: boredpanda

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