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This Artist Can Carve Anything From Food

One of the most exciting parts of Halloween is all the creepy decorations carved from a pumpkin that we are eager to make and show off. But for some people, Halloween is every day of the year. They say anything can be art, so Italian artist Valeriano Fatica chose food as his medium. In his talented hands, watermelons, pumpkins, potatoes, carrots, avocados, cheese, truffles, and even tiny coffee beans turn into incredibly detailed sculptures that look just too good to eat.

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“I started to get interested in art basically since I was born, since my father is an artist. And since my family owns a restaurant, I started making art with food,” the 32-year-old artist told Bored Panda how it started. Today, Fatica is one of the best food artists you’ll meet and has titles of the world’s first and only truffle sculptor and the sculptor of the world’s largest watermelon carving to his name.

Fatica spends hours playing with food and we’ve collected his best works. I hope you are hungry, because on today’s menu, you’ll get a delicious watermelon Gollum, a cheesy Jesus, an avocado Pikachu, a potato Cthulhu, a pumpkin Joker, a coffee bean Hulk, and many more. Don’t forget to upvote your favorites and pick up your jaw after you finish!

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