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“Don’t Be Distracted”: Italian Artist Creates Digital Art About Social Issues

Tinder Machine

micc is an Italian contemporary artist who loves to harmfully provoke others with the intent to originally trigger thoughts in those who observe the works. The working method is enriched and influenced by an Art Director background in the field of Advertising. The latest works are characterized by the use of the 3D tecnique, self-learned by the artist.

The artistic path started from the streets of Rome with the installation of Poster, works on old frame and Urban Installation, avoiding spray-cans technique. After few months, micc was asked to exhibit his works in a city nearby Rome with discrete success, leading him to the decision of opening the account on Instagram, that you can find today.

More: Instagram, Twitter, Crypto, Foundation h/t: boredpanda

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“This is what my mind generated in order to fill a hole created by a family member that is no longer there today. The need not to think too much about it was satisfied by the desire to denounce social issues and situations that are close to my heart. Hope you like it and understand what I need to say.”

Toxic Thoughts, Toxic People, Toxic Comments

Social Art Is Like Milk

Art on social media is something too fast that dies and doesn’t have too much attention. Art on social media has an expiration, like milk.

Daily Limbo

Sunday Drama Queen

Sensitive Content

Sorry, You Can’t Log Out

How do you get all this time stolen by content that is always the same?

No Lovers, Only Fans

Beware of falling in love too much.

Healthcare Has Become A Luxury

And a boy tells you this problem, not a feminist.

Europe’s Favorite Money Ride

Sea Trash Bin

Nothing In Particular

The Tales Of The Liar


Capitalist’s Eye

The same feeling you get with two bags manufactured together but with different brands of belonging.

Media Pillory

Christmas Crisis 2020

Pietà In Isothermal Blanket

The situation in the European seas is increasingly tragic. In my country, Italy, people without culture become more and more racist, bringing their religion to the fore of their culture.

Graduation Day

Itchy & Scratchy

I Imagined The Addiction

Translation: “Addicted; Not addicted”

Boring Religion

Love Yourself

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