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Three Swedish Friends Have Designed A Contemporary Moustache Protector


For all of those bearded men out there that have the problem of getting food in your ‘stache, the guys behind Odd Company have designed a contemporary version of an old invention, The Stache Sheild.

For those of you that don’t have a moustache, let us explain what we’re talking about. When men with moustaches eat or drink, they have the annoying problem of getting their food or drink stuck in their ‘stache, as seen below.


The solution? A moustache shield, which is a simple metal plate that can be worn like a necklace, and when needed can be placed on your glass or held in place on your face if you are eating, and therefore providing a shield for your moustache.


The mustache shield can be dated back to the late 1890’s, when some inventors designed simple (or not so simple) guards to protect their facial hair from getting dirty.


The Odd Company, with their much more recently designed ‘stache protector, have created a modern day solution to the age-old problem of getting food and drinks stuck in the moustache.


You can find out more on their website or on Kickstarter.

Via Contemporist

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