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“Far Beyond The Immobile Point”: A Journey Through The Dismal World With Michal Karcz

Michal Karcz (previously) is a digital photographer and artist situated in Warsaw, Poland. All of his life, Karcz was involved with art, painting and other visual arts.

After having left painting – his biggest passion – he devoted his time to digital photography and painting, and so replaced one passion with another. As he contemplates, “digital photography and software gave [him] the opportunity to generate unique realities that were impossible to be created with ordinary darkroom techniques. Most of [his] work is like a journey to the places which do not exist. Places from [his] dreams, desire, imagination, and fears.”

As you will notice in his portfolio, he mostly finds inspiration in music. “It is an inseparable element with pictures in my mind, a kind of sound illustration to a visible scenery. These two things hit me with the strongest intensity.”

We call you to join us on a journey through parallel worlds created by Michal Karcz!

More: Michal Karcz, Facebook, Behance

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