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Visual Artist Helga Stentzel Uses Food To Tell Fun Visual Stories

According to Helga Stentzel: “Those of us who live in big cities are lucky to have access to food from all over the world: udon, khinkali, pappardelle, bouillabaisse, blancmange… Some of the names are so ambiguous that it’s almost impossible to place an order without your waiter’s guidance. And while flavours and textures vary from region to region, the basic ingredients of the dishes are very similar: grains, vegetables, eggs etc.

It is those staples that fascinate me most. Their taste and shape are familiar to people all over the world, they are, in a way, our common denominator, the language that everyone can understand and speak without saying a word. And I take great pleasure in studying simple food and coming up with new stories around it.”

More: Helga Stentzel, Instagram h/t: boredpanda

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