Floating Snowflake Hotel in Norway that Offers the Perfect View of the Northern Lights

If you want to get the best view of Aurora Borealis, it is best to be as far away from light pollution as possible.


The project for The Krystall hotel was initiated with a cooperation between Dutch Docklands International and Norwegian entrepreneurs. After a long intensive research on location and regulations the design has started. Key for the design was that it should be a simple glass building that would allow the guests to get the most view on the Northern light from there beds.


The hotel will be build in pieces in dry docks and assembled on location. The floating basis is very big and because of that also very stable. You will not notice any movement. Different to any vessel this hotel is floating real estate and will not move.


The shape provides most of the stability but additional technology with dampers, springs and cables is used to take away any acceleration. Same look and feel as a land based hotel but then on the most beautiful spot on the water. The hotel is not connected to land so all the logistics will be provided by boats.

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