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1980s Teenagers And Their Bedroom Walls

Growing up during the 1980s, there was a certain pop culture aesthetic that dictated how your room would be decorated, whether you were a boy or a girl. It would blend every cartoon, movie and toy imaginable, and resemble a poster for a Saturday morning cartoon lineup.

So what would your prototypical 1980s bedroom look like? Here is a collection of 40 interesting photos that show bedroom essentials every kid who grew up in that era would have.

“Every morning, even before I open my eyes, I know I am in my bedroom and my bed. But if I go to sleep after lunch in the room where I work, sometimes I wake up with a feeling of childish amazement — why am I myself? What astonishes me, just as it astonishes a child when he becomes aware of his own identity, is the fact of finding myself here, and at this moment, deep in this life and not in any other. What stroke of chance has brought this about?’ – Simone de Beauvoir (January 9, 1908–April 14, 1986), All Said and Done

h/t: vintag.es, flashbak

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