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Italian Illustrator Shows How Loving And Friendly Cats Can Be

When it comes to choosing between dogs and cats, usually there are two kinds of people. The ones that adore the friendly, loving, loyal, and sometimes overly excited nature of dogs and the ones that love playful, active but independent feline company.

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However, as much as some of us adore feline company, we’ve probably heard phrases such as “cats are self-seeking, cats do not cling to nor care about their owners, cats are treacherous,” and so on. But we know that none of this is true. They are by no means such things but are very loving and extremely friendly pets! But don’t worry, we’re not here to tell you that cats are better than dogs as the answer to which is better still remains unknown.

We’re here to show one extremely talented artist’s illustrations that show how loving and friendly cats can be. Margherita Grasso is an illustrator and graphic designer currently living and working in Milan, Italy. She loves to represent the world around her with colors and humor focusing on details that can be noticed only by sharp eyes. And so, she uses her skills to show us the true colors of cats in coexistence with humans.

Whether they’re napping together with kids, playing with old cassette tapes while their loving owner is listening to music, enjoying family trips, or simply playing with other felines. In fact, all of Grasso illustrations are so cute that it could have easily come from the pages of a children’s book!

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