Japanese Twitter User Shares Simple And Clever Way To Make Your Own Reusable Mask

With a recent state of emergency declared, the spread of the novel coronavirus has hit Japan hard, and as a result many areas across the country are still dealing with a troubling mask shortage. While some companies have shifted their production focus to mask supply, and the government will be shipping 50 million reusable cloth face masks to those in need, many remain concerned about the length of the current lack of supply in areas.

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Fortunately many generous Twitter users are sharing DIY tutorials on how to make your own mask out of household fabric. One of the latest is from @Mb_Fit_2, and it’s become quite popular as it takes combines the leftovers of a commercial mask with any cloth you have on hand for an easy-to-make reusable mask.

As the above pictures show, you simply cut off the ear and end portions of a standard sickness mask, and then folding your preferred fabric into a secured middle portion through the ear-strings. While the method is dependent on having a standard mask already on hand, it can come on handy for those reaching the end of their supply and allows for some customization options and the ability to substitute a reusable material.

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