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Kazakh Bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko To Marry His Life-Like Sex Doll ‘Margo’

It’s not easy to find that very person you’d wish to be next to for the rest of your life. Yuri Tolochko, a bodybuilder from Kazakhstan, found a radical decision and married a sex doll – beautiful, faithful, patient partner.

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According to the local mass-media, Yuri has been dating Margo for 8 months, his Instagram is full of their photos. He shared that recently he brought his wife to a plastic surgeon to make her even more attractive because “such popularity made her feel self-conscious”.

“When I presented her photo to the world, there was a lot of criticism and she began to develop a complex so we decided to have plastic surgery. She has changed a lot. At first, it was hard to accept but I got used to it later on. It was at a real clinic with real doctors,” he explained.

Tolochko also talked about how he first met Margo while visiting a bar. He even explained that Margo is a waitress but she’s not able to walk.

“She can’t walk by herself, she needs help,” Tolochko said.

And apparently, “she” gets an attitude from time to time leading to a few arguments between the two but it’s obvious that nothing will break their ‘very close bond’.

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