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China 2050: The Future Of China According To A Photographer Benoit Cezard


Benoit Cezard said his inspiration came from a viewpoint that China would surpass the U.S. to be the NO.1 power in the world in 2050. He believed that with China’s rapid development, Chinese migrant workers will be replaced by western people, so they have to adapt to that in advance.

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Benoit Cezard is a French teacher, and photography is his favorite hobby. He came to China in 2006 and got married with a Chinese woman. Since then, he has been living in Wuhan, capital of Hubei Province, C China.


French photographer Benoit Cezard created a group of conceptual photography works named China 2050. In these photos, a large number of foreign labor forces migrate to China and work as housekeeper, dustman, waiter, peddler and gardener.


The mixture of familiar scenes and unfamiliar faces shows a striking contrast, presenting people a feeling of freshness.


The group of photos shows a French man’s humor. But you may ask whether there are still three-wheel motorcycle taxi in China or not, and urban management officers’ images may change in 2050.


However, Benoit Cezard said that he’d like to take these photos as a cultural transposition consideration instead of prediction. Facing these photos, each has different feelings. What Benoit Cezard really care is that his works can lead people to think and image.


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