Digital Artist Turns Nature’s Images Into Animals

Digital artist Martijn Schrijver likes playing with Photoshop and he seeks his inspiration in the beauty of Mother Nature. In his brilliant work, the Amsterdam-based Schrijver turns drops into ladybugs, waterfalls into bears, rocks into giant rhinos, while toucans get pealed banana-shaped beaks.

You can find his work on his Instagram account where he has attracted more than seven thousand followers and has hundreds of likes on each post. The digital artist also has an Etsy store where he sells all of his prints.

“I’m inspired by nature and I like to create various surreal and humorous photo manipulations, like incorporating animals into landscapes,” the artist shared on Bored Panda. “I love to see nature photos and come up with surreal ideas and make it ‘real’ with Photoshop.”

More: Instagram, Etsy h/t: playjunkie

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