Japanese Students Build Massive Boat Made Of Handmade Sweets

600 cookies (each half the size of a standard sheet of paper), 40 muffins, 600 bread slices, 200 cream puffs, 420 leaf shaped pies, 250 tarts, 108 waffles, 200 bagels, 600 dice-cut cookies, 1000 marzipan sweets, 2000 chocolate roses.

h/t: grapee

That list might sound like a permanent cure for your sweet tooth or the ultimate spending spree at a bakery, but it’s actually the delicious blueprint of the giant boat made of sweets handcrafted by the culinary students at the newly opened Noda Kamada Gakuen vocational high school in Yokohama, Japan!

The massive sweets ship clocks in at 5 meters in length and 2 meters in height, with an impressive amount of detail in design, scale, and baking skills that shows off the talents of the students.

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