Artist Repaints Dolls In A More Realistic Way

Dolls are a beloved toy out there and most kids love to play with them, although sometimes, people take their fondness for dolls into adulthood and never grow out of them. It is quite trendy today to recreate dolls and repaint their faces to make them look more detailed and realistic, and that is exactly what Spanish artist José Francisco Cerezo Roldan does.

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José removes the makeup that doll companies put on and paints his beautiful version. He enjoys creating celebrities and characters from TV shows, books, and movies. The artist makes the dolls look more like human beings and less like big-eyed cartoons with unrealistic proportions.

The artist usually turns the dolls into celebrities or well-known characters from pop culture, movies, and TV shows. He seems to really enjoy pop stars, especially Britney Spears and Beyonce, since we see a lot of dolls resembling them on his page. There are also a lot of renditions of Khaleesi, a character from Game of Thrones. The most popular one is Anne Hathaway’s character White Queen in Alice in Wonderland. José does a really good job at capturing the likeness of people and it’s usually pretty easy to recognize who it is.

If you’re wondering, ‘why bother repainting dolls at all?’ There’s a simple answer: The mass-produced dolls that we see in the shop are usually very plain and have completely unrealistic features. So doll artists have taken it upon themselves to create dolls with more detail and realism. There is a lot that goes into remaking dolls. Some even thread new hair for them, make clothes, even sculpt brand new bodies. There are many videos and tutorials on how to remake dolls. Some people find it relaxing to watch the process. So it’s also a pretty relaxing hobby to have. Most of these artists sell the revamped dolls and make a living off of it.

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