Honest Portraits: Unvarnished Russia In Emotional Black & White Photographs By Oleg Videnin – Design You Trust

Honest Portraits: Unvarnished Russia In Emotional Black & White Photographs By Oleg Videnin

Oleg Videnin is a Russian professional photographer and journalist, was born in the city of Bryansk. After a university he used to work as a forester, but then he got into journalism and worked on a radio, newspaper and TV. In the late 1990s he came over the internet and became one of the most popular Russian photographers.

Now Oleg has a huge collection of photos which he made travelling around the world and Russia in particular. We picked up the best Oleg Videnin’s work since 2001 that shows interesting moments of unvarnished Russia and its people from all across the country, basically from villages and small towns.

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