A Chair With An Integrated Running Wheel Was Invented For Cat Lovers

Those of us who work at home and own a cat probably know how nice it is to have a cat laying by your side. The problem is that cats are very independent, and sometimes just don’t hang around where we hang around. If only there was something that could bring you and your cat together a little bit more frequently…

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One might think that this is too niche of a problem, but in fact, it’s just a problem about finding the right niche for a cat. Two bright-minded designers Stephan Verkaik and Beth Horneman believe that they’ve designed a perfect solution for bringing you and your cat together. It’s the Loveseat: a chair with a built-in exercise wheel for a cat.

The wheel will let your cat get the amount of exercise it needs without letting it run away from your comfy spot. Your presence will motivate the cat, and the cat’s presence will motivate you back. A win-win for both parties.

“Everything we buy for our cats ends up in a corner or in the spare bedroom. However, the reason we have a pet is because we like to spend time together. Our goal is to ensure that we and our cats can share the best places in the house,” said founder Stephan Verkaik. The project is out on Kickstarter, so check it out if you’re interested to learn more!

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