The Milk Books Are Improving The Country’s Literacy With Stories Printed On Milk Packaging

Futura DDB Ljubljana and Spar Slovenia launched a new type of book that every household in Slovenia would read – a story printed on the milk packaging, with the intention to remind and encourage the residents to read more. The latest research from OECD discovered that Slovenia scored below average in literacy in comparison to other European countries (according to PIAAC Survey of Adult Skills in Slovenia 2016, OECD), as one out of every four Slovenians had issues with basic literacy.

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The Milk Books were written by a Slovenian award-winning youth writer Bostjan Gorenc–Pizama. Fairytales “Lost pearls” and “The hiccup rabbit” are intended especially for parents to rejuvenate a classic habit of reading bedtime stories to their children – instead of children being left alone with mobile phones, tablets, video games or other popular new age technologies, which steal attention from reading books altogether.

The Milk Books are to this day the most printed literature in the history of Slovenian publishing that brought joy to many homes. It helped to revive reading with the help of a product that is on the table every day, because a glass of warm milk and a bedtime story complement a good night sleep well.

The Milk Books changed the ordinary store shelves into bookshelves in 102 Spar shops all across Slovenia. They encourage customers to divert some attention away from shopping to reading.

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