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Chinese Make-Up Artist With An Audience Of 360k Followers On Instagram Turns Herself Into Johnny Depp

He Yuhong, a Chinese artist with mad make-up skills decided to become a doppelgänger of none other than the star of Pirates of the Caribbean – Johnny Depp. It proved to be no hurdle too high for the transformation in her video was so impressive it reached half a million views in the first 3 days.

And how would it not? The result is so eerily perfect that even the actor himself would question if he wasn’t looking at the mirror.

“Once you see your face as a blank piece of paper, the opportunities are endless,” says the artist. So scroll down, and take a look at the transformation itself!

More: Instagram, Youtube h/t: boredpanda

Miss He Yuhong, a Chinese artist better known as Yuyamika, is back again with yet another jaw-dropping transformation.

This time, she decided to use her mad make-up skills in order to become a doppelgänger of none other than the star of Pirates of the Caribbean – Johnny Depp.

With her usual arsenal of make-up tools, Yuyamika masterfully moves towards the full face transformation one step at the time.

To achieve a realistic look and truly impersonate the subject of her make-up transformations, Yuyamika often uses eyelid tapes to temporarily switch her monolids for a pair of double ones.

And of course, no look of Johnny Depp would be complete without an adhesive mustache (well, unless, you had your own).

We can only imagine the amount of time and attention to detail it takes to arrive at Yuyamika’s level of expertise.

Overall, the workflow of Yuyamaika’s transformations seems to be ensuring a perfect balance between lights and shadows – something that tricks our eyes to see her facial features in a completely different way!

By the time you finish watching this transformation, it almost appears that someone switched people at some point in the video. Just like ever, miss Yuyamika has outdone herself, as a result, creating a flawless image of Johnny Depp. Complete with smallest details!

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