These Drawings Were Created On Snow-Covered Landscapes

Sonja Hinrichsen’s art spans from video, performance, and installation to participatory and situational art, as well as environmental art. Known for her series of “Snow Drawings” she creates massive drawings on snow-covered landscapes using footprints. These drawings engage communities worldwide. Participants are guided by Hinrichsen, creating walking pattern systems with snowshoes.

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“My work reflects on environmental concerns and addresses our (humankind’s) relationship to the natural world – as we perceive it and interact with it,” she writes on her website. According to Hinrichsen, modern society has become increasingly disconnected from nature.

“We have come to see our planet as a mine to extract the resources we need to maintain our extravagant life-styles, and as a dumping station for our toxic waste products,” she says. “I believe, however, to secure a “habitat” for future generations (of our own species as well as others) it is essential that we tune ourselves in with nature and re-gain greater awareness of our planet, understand it better and take better stewardship of it.”

Her art examines urban and natural environments through exploration and research. Her work process includes looking at indigenous as well as ancient cultures, whose life philosophies perceive mankind as an integrated part of nature, rather than attempting to dominate over it.

“I believe that through the means of art it is possible to point out the importance of environmental soundness – through speaking to emotion and passion for nature, and through unlocking an ancient sense of freedom and awe,” she explains.

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