Photographer Took 12 Pics Of Regular Chinese People To Stop Prejudice And Show That They’re Like All Of Us – Design You Trust

Photographer Took 12 Pics Of Regular Chinese People To Stop Prejudice And Show That They’re Like All Of Us

According to Jay Lambeth: “I have been living in the Southern Chinese city of Shenzhen for exactly ten years now. During that time, this magnificent country has experienced untold amounts of change: industrialization, urbanization, technology, the construction of mega-cities, and more.

The early part of each year is usually a time for family and a celebration of new beginnings. Still, this year the streets have been deserted, and the new year has been marred with the devastating worldwide Coronavirus. Along with the natural feelings of fear and confusion, this has also somehow generated a much less natural emotion, the emotion of prejudice. Every day more and more stories from around the globe are showing us all the darker side of human nature.

To most, China is an unknown and mysterious place, and unfortunately, many people are quick to demonize something they don’t understand. My past decade in this profoundly fascinating country has taught me many things, and one that appropriately comes to mind now is just how similar we all are. All around the planet, people wake up, go to work, care about their families, and try to do their best to find their place in the world. Five years ago, I bought a camera and began my journey into photography. I hope these few pictures can help demystify something here, that we are all just regular people who wake up and go to work, go about their day, and do their best.”

h/t: boredpanda

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