Diverse Faces Of Siberia: Beautiful Portraits Of The Indigenous People Of Siberian Region Captured By The Photographer Alexander Khimushin – Design You Trust

Diverse Faces Of Siberia: Beautiful Portraits Of The Indigenous People Of Siberian Region Captured By The Photographer Alexander Khimushin

Alexander Khimushin just took a backpack and went to travel around the world. He has been to 84 countries and finally realized that the most interesting about new places are … people. Three years ago he launched the photo-project “The World in Faces” that would show the beauty and diversity of the world through portraits of ordinary people. Alexander ended his project in Siberia where he photographed indigenous people of the region.

Siberia is huge, it’s twice bigger than Australia, 30% bigger than the USA, Canada or all Europe. However, it’s cold and poorly populated. Alexander visited remoted corners of Siberia to find out what people inhabit those places. Some ethnic groups are on the verge of going extinct. 100 of them or even less. And the world knows nothing about them. The portraits made by Alexander in Siberia are presented in this post.

More: Alexander Khimushin, Instagram, Facebook

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