The Last Day For Tomorrow Future: Absolutely Amazing Digital Artworks Of Bryn Jones

Bryn is a digital artist raised in the South West of England. In 1989 he won his first art competition at Pinocchio’s Nursery School. Competitions continue to drive his career, a place in Ballistic Publishing’s Expose collection is one of his most recent wins.

Bryn enjoys comic conventions and trips to the cinema. His passion for video games sparked an interest in digital art, but now he draws inspiration from a wide variety of media. With the help of magazine tutorials and art theory books, Bryn has taught himself illustration. Keeping up to date with new painting tools and techniques is important to him, and he is always plugged into online art forums to see what people think of his work. He uses techniques that are shared by the top digital painters.

Bryn creates immersive images that entertain and impress. His work holds people’s attention, and leaves a lasting impression. Currently working in the board gaming industry. Has held clients in advertising and comic book illustration. Loves to paint portraits for his backers on Kickstarter.

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