“Jane Asher’s Fancy Dress”: Over 100 Costumes for Children and Adults and How to Make Them, 1983

A wonderful source for costume making, for both children and adults. Imaginative, witty and creative. This is a great source book for ideas, themes, and very flexible in the use of materials.

The author, a British actress, with a long + varied career, has drawn upon her many co-worker actors to ‘model’ many of the costumes.

Although this book includes assembly and materials information, some prior sewing and/or crafts experience is useful. The book is written using British terminology and metric dimensions. The instructions are more conceptual than detailed. There is a wonderful sense of energy and freedom which shines through this book.

She also has written another book on the decoration of cakes and baking for children’s parties, which is equally imaginative.

It’s a wonderful book, not just for Halloween, and not just for young children.

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