Singaporean Artist Creates Useful Infocomics About COVID-19 And How To Exercise Precaution!

Based in Singapore, Weiman is a full time user experience designer and part time illustrator who likes to draw cute and informative doodles. Publishing weekly comic series on COVID-19 for now.

According to an artist: “In January, I was on sick leave for three weeks due to a respiratory illness. While I was ill, I spent a lot of time researching about respiratory illnesses. At that time, news about the Wuhan virus, now known as COVID-19, had just broken. As an illustrator, I made a summary of what I’ve learned about coronaviruses in general. I found that many informative articles about the topic were difficult to digest, and tried to simplify the comic as much as possible so that they would be understandable even for children.

I have also made the comic available as an infographic, feel free to download and print them as posters. With the help of many individuals, this comic has been translated into multiple languages as well! If you would like to help as a translator, please email me at

Stay tuned for my follow up comics about the coronavirus and how to exercise precaution!”

More: Weiman, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

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