Vintage Photos Capture Springtime In Clarksville, Arkansas In 1953

Kids playing outdoors.

Clarksville, a city in Johnson County, Arkansas, is widely known for its peaches, scenic byways and abundance of natural outdoor recreational activities. Take a look at the peaceful life of the city during the springtime in 1953 through these 21 captivating vintage photographs taken by LIFE photographer Yale Joel.


Students eating on blankets at the College of the Ozarks.

A family cleaning furniture outside.

A farm family feeding calves.

High school students race to the lunch room.

Two kids and their pet horse.

A small boy playing in a tree.

Owner of a small drug store working.

A little boy watching a cow eating.

A fisherman in Spadra Creek.

A high school girl being fitted for a formal dress.

A boy and his baby brother taking a walk

A small English sparrow sitting atop its house.

Adventurous waders test the temperature of Spadra Creek.

A tree trimmer swinging from a tree like Tarzan.

School kids playing during recesses.

Two boys riding a horse down a country road.

A little girl who has the measles.

A family playing baseball in the yard.

An 85-year-old woman sitting in an open window getting fresh air.

A man staring through his prison window.

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