Ghosts Deployed To Scare Indonesians Into Staying Home To Slow Spread Of The Coronavirus

In an attempt to make people respect the quarantine lockdown, a village in Indonesia is using volunteers dressed as ghosts.

The place is located in Kepuh village, on Java Island and as of last month, it started deploying the patrols at night. The reason why the locals took this decision is because ghostly figures known as “pocong” are said to represent the trapped souls of the dead in Indonesia, BBC reports.

So far, Indonesia has reported more than 5,000 new cases with the deadly virus infection, and more than 400 people have died.

But many people believe that the total number of people infected are much higher, as the authorities are trying to hide the real number in order not to create panic within the local population.

However, on the other hand, the unusual tactic had the opposite effect – people coming out to try to spot the volunteers.

A few weeks going forward, locals say that things have improved: “Since the pocong appeared, parents and children have not left their homes,” resident Karno Supadmo told Reuters. “And people will not gather or stay on the streets after evening prayers.”

Anjar Panca, keeper at a local mosque, told the Jakarta Post the initiative worked because it reminded residents of the potential deadly effects of the disease.

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