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How To Organaize A Perfect Birthday Party During The Quarantine Lockdown

Me and my party guests whom I made color coordinate with me because you realize you have a lot more influence when you’re dealing with the paper versions of people

According to a San Diego-based photographer Alexa Machado: “I was really bummed out that I was going to be alone for my birthday this year thanks to being high risk and in quarantine. Sometimes it feels discouraging with the rest of the nation opening back up, and I’m still stuck here by myself. But I figured out a way to have all my friends with me to celebrate my special day. Why not tape their heads to random objects and party it up?!

So that’s exactly what we did! Being isolated has either made me innovative or downright insane, I’m not sure which at this point…”

More: Alexa Machado, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

We cuddled up for a movie. It was cozy until my dog ran off with Jon’s face

I’m extra and decided to have a Pinata because that is what responsible adults do

Lining up my swing

…wait a second


At least she’s only halfway in the fountain and her face didn’t get soggy?

Whoops, he fell into the pool but I caught everything but his head so it’s fine. It’s not the first time he’s lost it

Cloud watching with my rainbow homies

Tabor brought me a birthday present!

Omg, he got me a lens???

What the flip is this???

Taken right before I chucked his stupid gag gift right at his face

I made them all watch me blow my candle out of my vegan gluten free birthday muffin that tastes like cardboard

We ended the day in the jacuzzi and I was fanned with a palm frond because I am the birthday lady, and I am a QUEEN. And crazy. But we’ll leave that part out

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