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Artist Creates Funny Illustrations of The Backstage Of Disney’s Famous Scenes

Have you ever wondered what happens in the backstage of Disney movies? Andhika Muksin is back on Bored Panda to show you just that. He creates hilarious edits of Disney movies so that we can see the behind the scenes of famous scenes and how they were “actually made.”

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“As a Disney fan since childhood, I’ve never stopped loving them even after I went into adulthood. But as I grow older, I start to see these childhood icons in a new light; we see things differently than when we were children. So this is basically how I come up with my ideas, bringing these childhood icons into a more of an ‘adult’ perspective, in a comedic way,” artist told Bored Panda.

“I’ve always been into drawings for as long as I can remember. And collage art/pop art has always fascinated me. It’s like giving a different personality to pre-existing images. I guess I inherited this from my father’s side of the family. Both my father and grandfather paint, although they do it more as a hobby.”

The artist does all sorts of creative projects on his Instagram—from remaking movies and TV show posters, to combining celebrities to see how their children would look, to drawing his own concept art. His work is often humorous, full of pop culture references and even TikTok trends.

Andhika usually works with Disney, but other popular shows and movies also show up on his feed, like Studio Ghibli and Netflix Originals. He also enjoys photoshopping celebrity photos, red carpet events, and fashion shows.

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